Users are talking about DermCharts

From Dermatologists to Practice  Managers, people are speaking of how DermCharts and its support infrastructure have improved their practice and level of patient care.

“Our practice has used DermCharts for over 6 years. Compared to the system we had in place earlier, our users are definitely much happier with DermCharts. Their customer support and services are top notch. I highly recommend the DermCharts system for its useful features and budget-friendly implementation costs.”

Ben C. (West Islip, NY)
Dermatology - COO

“I love the fact that DermCharts has an electronic patient-intake form via the tablets and computer stations we have in our waiting area. It helps cut down the line at the counter and also a lot of retyping that I’d typically have to do. The patients also love them because most people prefer typing over filling out paperwork with pens.”

Maria R. (Astoria, NY.)
Dermatology, Frontdesk

“When it comes to compliance and maximizing MIPs revenues, I’d give DermCharts a Five-Star rating. The system lets us enforce rules on data collections so we don’t miss any potential loss in revenue because the medical assistant or the doctor forgot to collect the required information from the patient. I’ve not seen any other system in the market do it in such a clean and non-intrusive way as DermCharts.”

Laura B. (Commack, NY)
Dermatology, Compliance

“DermCharts’ Analytics reporting tool is a great feature that we utilize on a regular basis to get the financial and operational reports we need for our department. The physician productivity and revenue reports in particular are the ones we continuously rely upon in order to further streamline our practice’s operations and maximize returns.”

Brian P. (Commack, NY)
Dermatology, CFO

“With DermCharts, we can quickly run patient eligibility checks for all of the patients that have a visit in the coming days. This really helps the billing team, but more importantly it helps us better communicate with our patients who are sometimes unaware of their eligibility status and avoid any uncomfortable phone calls down the road.”

Nataly N. (West Islip, NY)
Dermatology, Frontdesk

“Since our practice switched over to DermCharts’ Practice Management system, our department has seen the number of rejected claims decline steadily. We have all of our fee schedules configured in one centralized system and all the outstanding claims waiting to be processed are in a queue that can be easily assigned to workers. The Accounts Receivable tickler is a great feature and helps us set and manage our weekly goals. The system is very easy to use and intuitive.”

Victor C. (Astoria, NY)
Dermatology, Billing

...and what users are saying about our support:

“DermCharts Tech Support folks were a huge help when we opened our new office 3 months ago and had to set up new PCs for access to the system. Their service rep was patient and walked us through installing the necessary software to get the program up and running in less than an hour. Just great service overall. Highly recommended!”

Bill C. (Astoria, NY)
Dermatology, Facilities

“DermCharts’ system works great right out of the box. We’ve had to contact support to get additional training a few times so far, and our overall experience has been very positive.”

Phil M. (Bayshore, NY)
Dermatology, CIO

“We signed up with DermCharts 2 years ago. The entire process was a delight. They walked us through planning each phase and we spoke directly with their technical team members that were knowledgeable, and guided us through the implementation process. I give their technical team a lot of credit for their quick thinking and problem-solving abilities.”

David K. (Albertson, NY)
Dermatology, IT Manager

“I have worked at a few doctors’ offices over the past 15 years and became accustomed to having even the simplest EMR system related IT issues taking six months or longer to be resolved. I’ve worked at my current office using DermCharts for a little over a year now and I can honestly say that I have seen more upgrades and improvements in the past three months than I have seen in other places in three years. Their account manager that I work with is very friendly, knowledgeable, and very quick with his turnaround time. It really is a pleasure working with the DermCharts system and their support team.”

Kathy M. (Albertson, NY)
Dermatology, Frontdesk
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