Why DermCharts?

DermCharts is a part of the family of products that are built upon the revolutionary MD Charts platform. ONC 2015 Certified, DermCharts provides industry-standard reliability and security while staying true to its mantra of Click Less, Care More℠, focused on helping providers spend more time with patients and less time taking notes. The MD Charts architecture that is leveraged by DermCharts lets practices customize the workflow that best fits their unique needs. A dedicated account manager will guide your practice administrator through customizing the workflow template objects every step of the way. Schedule a Demo today to learn more.

DermCharts is Dermatology specific

DermCharts helps Dermatologists and Dermatology Practices manage and automate clinical, administrative, and financial functions, including patient information, clinical documentation, scans, e-prescriptions, Revenue Cycle Management, billing, reimbursement, performance analysis and much more – all in one convenient package.

Click Less, Care More. 

  • Fully customizable template objects that helps you customize the workflow that fits your practice’s unique work flow
  • User-centric macros and shortcuts speed up note taking while keeping notes unique to providers
  • Reduce human-error with electronic new patient intake and demographics update module
  • Electronically order labs directly from within the EHR software
  • e-Prescribe quickly and accurately from any screen
  • Visually track patient history with BiopsyMapping™ and enhanced InstaPath℠ technology
  • Secure patient data with HIPAA compliant patient image capturing and Direct Messaging technologies
  • Integration with National Emergency databases including patient allergies and important diagnoses
  • Schedule a Demo today to find out how DermCharts can help you provide better care 

Grow Your Practice. 

  • Book Appointments online
  • Get a report of booked as well as opened timeslots
  • Support for practices with multiple locations
  • Increase revenue with no extra work with MIPS-Made-Easy℠
  • Easily Scale up your business with multiple practices (EIN) support
  • Promptly accept payments online, over the phone, or in person
  • Integrated Inventory Management system
  • Complete Billing & Collections Revenue Cycle Management service at competitive rates
  • Schedule a Demo today to find out how DermCharts can help improve the face of your practice 

Help is always just a click away. 

  • Customer-focused, friendly and professional service staff
  • Unlimited webinar, phone, and email support included
  • Intuitive support ticket tracking system
  • Data import/export support
  • Schedule a Demo today to find out how DermCharts can support your growing practice 
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